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Who We Are:

Team Pinnacle has its roots primarily as group of cyclists in Newport, New Hampshire, however, our members are enthusiasts of the outdoors and many other sports as well. We create and maintain miles of mountain bike trails. We ride on and off road for fun and competition. Members have participated in: cross country mountain bike races, 24 hour races, Ironman triathlons, sprint triathlons, multi-sport adventure races, charity rides, and promote several races every year (see main navigation bar for links). In addition to cycling many members enjoy: hiking, running, swimming, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding to name a few.

Team Pinnacle is its members. There is no Hierarchy, no president, no dues, no forms to sign, all you have to do to be a member is come out and enjoy our activities with us. We are a constantly evolving organization, your interests are our interests. Team Pinnacle is its members.


Team Pinnacle started as a loose group of guys with a desire to ride back in 1999 when PJ aka "The Idea Man", Brian Currier, and Steve bumped into each other in the Newport Town Forest. Soon the idea for a mtb race in the town forest was born and that fall a fun ride was organized to test the proposed 3 mile race loop.

2000, the first official Pinnacle mtb race was held.

2001, "the team" still PJ, Brian, and Steve, began expanding the trail network in the town forest. Snake Alley, Tower Circle, and No Name are added to the trail network

2002 saw the addition of Pinelink and Bear Trap. More people started to show up for rides and the name "Team Pinnacle" first came into use.

2003, EFTA granted the Pinnacle mtb race NECS status. 24 Hours of Great Glenn was attended by Team Pinnacle for the first time. Outback and Skunk Hollow were added to the trail system and the first Davis Hemingway Century ride was held. The first version of the official Team Pinnacle website was launched, see the really old original website.

2004, Team Pinnacle brought two teams to Great Glenn and expanded from mountain bike racing into adventure racing, and Ironman triathlons. This year also saw a significant increase in attended Wednesday night rides and some upgrades to the website.

2005, the team dabbled in road racing, more triathlons, and of course mountain biking. 2005 proved to be the year of the trail as many trails where added to the network including: Bear Trap Extension, Pinnacle Bypass, Skunk Hollow Extension, Hail Trail, 3 Rock, Bolder Cross, Coit Summit North and numerous other extensions and yet to be named trails. And last but not least, the official Team Pinnacle website received a major overhaul and was relaunched as the site you see today, see the pre-overhaul website.

2006, the first official Team Pinnacle Jerseys & shorts.  The first annual "Six in the Stix" trail run was held, a new trail was cut from the summit of Coit, and Local Loops underwent a major upgrade to allow people to use it as a personal training log. What will the rest of 2006 bring... more trails, more races, and much more fun.

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