2004 Pinnacle Racer Reviews

"Give your whole crew a big round of applause. From the early and continuous promotion of the event, right through energetic and ample race day help, to follow through on post race announcements and pictures, they were right on top of things. MOST EXCELLENT!"

"Nothing other than "GREAT JOB".
Team Pinnacle has done an excellent job as race promoter, happy people with great attitudes and an excellent day weather wise made it the best race of the year."

"The best mixed terrain course of the NECS in my opinion. Hats off to Brian, PJ, Steve and the rest of Team Pinnacle."

"I had an absolute blast. Great race all around. Thanks a ton."

"Fantastic job Team Pinnacle!"

"The terrain is so varied, it's great stuff. I found myself wishing I could just go slow and take in the trails, reride the ledges and do the downhill a half dozen times at crazy fast speed. The Pinnacle has a good vibe and everthing seems to go smoothly for a racer's perspective."

"Outstanding Race."

"This years Pinnacle was the best! I've riden this race the last three years and each year has gotten better. Just look at all the trail work these folks have done, it was amazing."

"I personally don't know how it could get better. Everything was just awsome. Trails were marked great, the course was really fun, you gave out water bottles during the race and had a shower available. 1st time I have been there and I will keep comming back. Thanks for the great time."

"Fun course and I say that even though it had LOTS of climbing!!!! The
organizers are super nice and having a cute podium to stand on at the end of
the day was fun."

"That was nice. Perfect weather, dry conditions and maybe the nicest EFTA
course out there. Lots of credit to the organizers for putting together a
great event!"

"The ladder bridges were fun and challenging. The downhill and plunge were

"I was really questioning why I put myself through this stuff. Then came the sweeeeeet downhill, and it was like, oh ya, now I remember".

"I liked all the new singletrack and the overall feel for the course,
climbs and all."

"Always loved this course. A true classic in its second year. Long climbs, steep descents,
awesome single track. I'll definately be back."